File Extension Jad

Small Java applications designed to run on cell phones and other portable devices are called midlets. Files with the .jad (Java Application Descriptor) are used when packaging midlets for use on the mobile device. The .jad file contains the information needed to run each midlet, including the application name and size, the .jar file association, the vendor name, version number, and any other pertinent information. The .jar file contains the midlet's application, the java .class files, and other resources like images. These two files together make up what's called the midlet suite. Without the .jad and .jar files, the packaged midlets would not be able to run. The .jad format is very simple but efficient code, its file structure consisting of just eight lines.
Because the .jad, and its companion the .jar, are both java files, they can be opened, edited, or written using a standard text editor. Experienced java programmers can easily create a .jad from scratch, but for non-programmers who have a .jar file they want on their cell phone, JADMaker is the perfect tool. JADMaker can create the .jad file with no programming skills needed by the user. Simply drag the .jar file onto the interface and the software does the rest. You can also open the JADMaker program and enable the Windows Explorer Menu option which allows the user to simply right-click a .jar file and choose the option to create a .jad. This package is available on the internet as freeware.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Jad

Installing .jad files and midlets on a mobile device is usually as simple as navigating a menu or two. Most mobile devices will have an application installer that will download and install the files automatically. In some cases, a PC is required to manage the .jad files and get the midlets to the device. Emulators are available for the desktop environment, allowing developers the ability to test their work before deployment. Examples of these emulators include SimplicityT for Mobile Devices, Mpowerplayer, and Nokia 7210 MIDP. Sun Microsystems offers an application called Java VM (with J2ME). It is not an emulator, rather it's a java virtual machine with the capability of running .jad and .jar files. Java VM runs on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. One more option is J2ME MIDLETS Emulation, an online emulation service where files can be uploaded and tested for free.

Research indicates that most errors with .jad files are due to the fact that different devices interpret the .jad data in different ways. In one case, a user downloaded a .jad wirelessly from a java server on to several different devices. The application worked flawlessly on all but one device which returned an error saying N80 Jad error: Compulsory attributes missing. During the download, apparently an extra line was inserted at the beginning of the file. In this one device the extra line was enough to throw off the device and not allow the application to run. In another case, a mobile device insisted that a .jad file was one for which it had no program associations. Upon further investigation it was revealed that the version number in the file was listed as 1.1 instead of 1.1.0. This minor discrepancy wouldn't bother some devices, but it did this one.

Users should not confuse .jad (Java Application Descriptor) files with a program named JAD. This program is a java decompiler which takes java class files and converts them to source code. They can then be edited and compiled again. This free program decompiles only .class files and cannot be used to open .jad files. Another use of JAD that is not to be confused with the .jad extension is a systems development process called Joint Application Development. This process is related to developing commercial information systems. It also has no connection to the .jad file extension.

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